Bauska Castle Museum events 2019
6th of July Early lifestyle school "Flower crowns"
20th - 21st of July Festival of Music and Art of the times of Kettler Dukes of Kurzeme-Zemgale "VIVAT CURLANDIA!"
  20th of July at 2 PM Medieval music ensemble Rumorum “TENPERANTIA"
  20th of July at 4 PM "DIALOGOS" Medieval music around the Mediterranean
  20th of July at 6 PM "Sì dolce è'l tormento"
  20th of July at 8 PM Opera LA DAFNE (1608)
  20th of July at 10 PM Concert "Lost Paradise"
  21th of July at 11:30 AM "OCCHI BELLI"
  21th of July at 12PM VI Fencing tournament „Ius Gladii – the rights of the sword”
21st of September Cinema night
19th of October The Concert of The Early Music Ensemble „Ludus” and "Banchetto musicale" (Lithuania)
2nd of November The Concert of The Early Music "La Folias"
7th of december "Dances during the Livonian War" the Concert of the Early Dance Group „Saltatriculii” (Estonia)
28th of december Early lifestyle school "Christmas ball in Livonia"

Tickets are purchased at the museum’s ticket office. You may pre-book tickets by phone +371 63922280, +371 63923793 or by e-mail: bauskaspils@bauska

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