Sunday July 21st, 12:00 For the sixth year Bauska Castle will be hosting a single-stick and foil fencing tournament “Ius gladii” - the right of the sword.

The fencing tournament “Ius gladii” will not only bolster modern fencing techniques, but will also provide the historic feeling of such a tournament. 

The fencing matches will be declared by the herald, who historically was the attendant of lords and knights, a knower of coat of arms, messenger, or translator. The knights will be fighting for the honor of their each respective lady, who’ll be cheering up the knights, and, in the chance of victory, with an irresistible smile, will gift their brave knight a handkerchief. 

In between matches the spectators will be entertained by two actors, Mārcis Viļums and Aleksandrs Radzēvičs, as well as Gabriel Got’s circus with a surprise prepared just for the tournament’s spectators. This year spectators will also have the chance to spectate a demonstration of kendo, a Japanese form of fencing. As it is every year, the tournament attendees will enjoy the dancing and music brought by the old dance group “Galms” and the ancient music ensemble “Artemisia Absinthium”. Attendees will be given the chance to partake in a crossbow shooting competition, and, courtesy of the artist Linda Šikure Važa, spectate the making of tin trinkets in the old trinket workshop “Sudraba pīlādzis”. As usual, the cellar of the Bauska Castle will serve as a wine cellar, where one will be able to taste various wines.

The tournament is being hosted in collaboration with the Latvian Fencing Federation, of which the winners will win a sword and a helmet to hold until the next fencing tournament. The sword and helmet holds the engravings of every winner from previous years. 

Winners from the previous years are as follows:

Single-stick fencing: Mihails Jefremenko (2014), Gints Baķis (2015), Anatolijs Naumčiks (2016),  Andrejs Manuhins (2017), Aleksandrs Hudolejs (2018);

Foil fencing: Renārs Blūmentāls (2014), Lūkass Edmunds Teteris (2015 & 2016), Stefs De Greef (Belgium, 2017), Jegors Aleksejenko (2018). 


Attending the event is free of charge. For additional fee one can visit the museum expositions.

Created – Hofmanstudio