20th of July at 2 PM, Bauska Castle

From the flow of the hourglass to the intricate mechanics of the ticking clock, the concepts of measure and division were at the forefront of late medieval artistic virtuosity. RUMORUM explores the ancient virtue of Temperance through vocal and instrumental diminutions: in a race against time, the rapid flow of solo ‚divisions’ through the hourglass must perfectly match the steady tick of the ensemble.

Rumorum (Switzerland):
Grace Newcombe / voice, harp, clavisimbalum
Jacob Mariani / viola d’arco, lute
Félix Verry / fiddle, rebec
Mara Winter / flutes
For more information about RUMORUM: www.rumorum.com

Tickets: https://www.bilesuparadize.lv/events/event/73089 

Until 1st of May the ticket price with a discount: 8 EUR

Created – Hofmanstudio