"DIALOGOS" Medieval music around the Mediterranean

20th of July at 4 PM, Bauska Castle

The dialogue has two meanings, the first one refers to intercultural relationship among different civilizations that lived around the Mediterranean Sea. On the other hand, the dialogue means the conversation between the two players and instruments (recorder and percussion). The idea is to make a trip through the music that was heard in the Middle Ages around the Mare Nostrum. Departing from Spain, France and Italy, through North Africa, and reaching the distant lands of the Ottoman Empire.
We will play French Estampies, Italian Istanpitte as well as some pieces from Al-Andalus (southern Spain and northern Africa) and traditional Sephardic music (Ottoman Empire).

Eloqventia (Spain):
Alejandro Villar / recorders
David Mayoral / percussion

Tickets: https://www.bilesuparadize.lv/events/event/72846 (until 1st of May the ticket price with a discount: 8 EUR )

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