Bauska Castle Museum services price list 2019

Residence of the Dukes of Courland:

  • Bauska Castle's history exposition
  • Exhibition "Clothing and oarnaments in the Duchy of Courland (1562 - 1620)
  • Exhibition "Bauska Castle - a military fortification"
  • Bauskas Castle's interiors

The Livonian Order Castle ruins with a view platform in the central tower are closed for reconstruction

Combined ticket of Bauska Castle museum: 
- adults 4 EUR
- pupils, students, seniors  2 EUR

Family tickets for total visiting of Bauska Castle: 
- 2 adults and till 4 children (from age 7 till age 18)  7 EUR
- 1 adult  and till 4 children (from age 7 till age 18)  5  EUR


Bauska Castle's history exposition:
- adults 2 EUR
- pupils, students, seniors 1 EUR

Exhibitions - "Clothing and ornaments in the Duchy of Courland": 
- adults 1 EUR
- pupils, students, seniors 0,50 EUR

"Bauska Castle - a military fortification ":
- adults  1 EUR
- pupils, students, seniors 0,50 EUR

Bauska Castle's interior: 
- adults 3 EUR
- pupils, students, seniors  1,50 EUR

Tour Guide:

General tour (total Bauska Castle museum) 1 hour: 
- in Latvian 20 EUR
- in Russian, German or English 30 EUR

Thematic tour "Dance lesson at Court" (with teaching Renaissance dances) 1 h 30 min: 
- in Latvian 45 EUR
- in Russian or English 50 EUR

Thematic tour "Dressing culture in Duchy of Courland" (with demonstrating of Renaissance costume) 1 h 30 min: 
- in Latvian 30 EUR
- in Russian or English 35 EUR

Museum educational programme "Court culture: end of the 16th century till first half of the 17th century" ~ 2 hours:
- Dressing culture in Duchy of Courland with demonstrating of costumes
- Entertainments in 16th -17th centuries - plays and table games
- Courtly dance and music
- Total programme including table manners, tableware

The price for this program is determined based on a cost estimate, according to the museum service price list

Tour guide You have to notify in advance by phone: +37163923793, by e-mail:

Using of historical costume for museum tour guide 15 EUR

Photographing and filming permits:
photographing 1,50 EUR
- filming 3 EUR

Free entrance for:

  • children up to age of 7
  • ICOM card holders
  • persons with disability group I (upon presenting the ID of disabled person) and accompanying person
  • persons with disability group II (upon presenting the ID of disabled person)
  • leaders of organised groups of visitors over 15 people

Amenities for the visitors:
- parking
- guide in English, Russian, German and Latvian (with prior notification)
- audio guide in English and Latvian languages parking
- the information in exhibitions is in Latvian, English, German, Lithuanian and Russian languages
- elevator for the disable people

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