The Bauska Castle Museum was established on 1 February 1990 by reorganising the Museum of Regional Studies and Art of Bauska that previously supervised the organisation of investigation, conservation, reconstruction and restoration works in the Bauska Castle.

The museum's basic function is to study and preserve the cultural and historical values of the Bauska Castle as a unique architectural monument of the 15th – 18th century and to use them in the interest of the society and education.

The museum's main activities are the investigation, restoration, reconstruction and maintenance of the Bauska Castle, building and scientific treatment of the museum's collection, organisation of expositions and exhibitions, reception of tourists, educating, informing and consulting the society, guiding excursions, organisation of thematic events and seminars, development of research work an communication with different groups of society and other museums.
The collection of the Bauska Castle Museum was made in 1990 by separating from the collection of the Museum of Regional Studies and Art of Bauska the part related to the Bauska Castle, as well as items especially purchased for equipping the castle's premises. The museum compiles collections to restore, investigate and reflect in expositions and publications the Bauska Castle, its history from the 15th century to the beginning of the 18th century, and to discover related events and processes.

The collection of the Bauska Castle Museum includes materials obtained in archaeological excavations, negative photographs, transparencies and photographs containing information about the castle's architecture and reflecting the respective historical events, paintings, engravings, drawings and plans illustrating the Bauska Castle, furniture, ceramits, art objects and printed materials for the castle's interior design. The Bauska Castle Museum owns a significant collection of decorative stone forgings originating from the end of the 16th century, extensive and valuable collection of 15th – 18th century stove tiles, collection of 15th – 18th century coins of Livonia and the Duchy of Courland and a collection of 17th – 18th century cast iron cannons. Interesting historical items are also the set of rider's tournament armour and transformable table that the legend claims to be related to the Czar of Russia Peter I.

The museum's research object is the Bauska Castle – its architecture, construction history, fortification system, interior finish and equipment, social activities and private life of persons associated with the castle's construction and existence within the context of the Livonian Order State and the Duchy of Courland, as well as the related history of European countries from the beginning of the 15th century up to nowadays.

Halls on the first floor of the castle's eastern part contains the Bauska Castle's history exposition, while in the southeastern tower it is possible to visit the exposition of the living room's interior in the period from the end of the 17th century to the beginning of the 18th century and thematic exhibitions "Clothing and ornaments in the Duchy of Courland from the third quarter of the 16th century  to the second quarter of the 17th century" and "Bauska Castle – a military fortification from the 16th century to the beginning of the 18th century".

It is planned to reconstruct interiors of the representation and living premises of the Dukes of Courland in the enfilade on the second storey of the building's northern part and in the northeastern tower. But in the southern part it is intended to exhibit several household premises according to their original functions – a kitchen, room of the gate guard, servant room and stable.

In the castle the museum organises concerts, performances, thematic events the content and presentation of which comply with traditions at the time of the castle's existence. It also offers an educational museum programme in which visitors can participate to study the 16th – 17th century fashion, peculiarities of wearing the clothing, dance moves, games and the cooking history.  

The scientific archive stores research materials and restoration documents of the Bauska Castle. In addition, the museum's library – a source of information about the castle's existence history, culture and social life – is being established.

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